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baritone sax, bass, and electric guitar. Photo courtesy of The Southern Living Guide | Keith Edmonson Photography.

About the Show

Early Years of Rock and Roll


Chocolate malts, drive in movies, sock hops, and the best music ever recorded. Band of Gold captures the spirit and soul of the earliest decade of Rock and Roll music with their incredibly energetic show, “Shama Lama Live” by combining top notch musicianship, hit songs, and the band’s wild, crazy, and totally loveable personality. Featuring music from the biggest and most influential artists of the decade, “Shama Lama Live” is the Rock and Roll show you don’t want to miss!

Band of Gold dazzles the audience with four part harmonies and perfect recreations of the recordings they know and love. Our action packed music show is filled with the greatest early Rock and Roll songs of the decade including Doo Wop, Rhythm and Blues, Teen Idols, British Invasion, Rockabilly, American Standards and Classics, and of course, all those beautiful love songs from the era. When you see Shama Lama Live, you will be singing and dancing the night away!

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Playing the best music in the world and having a blast doing it!

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Playing The Hits

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Just the way you remember

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1945 Tribble Valley Dr. Lawrenceville, GA 30045


(770) 778-1645